Tuesday, July 03, 2018

1944 W. R. Thompson Pacific Theater Invasion

Here is a "pack" of 15 photo cards from the W. R. Thompson and Company Publishing house. This pack is from the "Pacific Theater Invasion" series. The "wrapper" is actually a custom cardboard box designed to be sent like a postcard. There is a place for a stamp and an address on the flap that goes in the back of the envelope/box. The front features "INVASION" and "15 ACTUAL PICTURES" in a red font with a green art scene of soldiers running. The middle oval is cut out so you can see the top card in the pack. The wrapper/box also has "PACIFIC THEATER" along one edge and copyright info on a side flap.

The cards themselves feature actual photos taken during various attacks in World War II:
(click on each for the full-sized scanned image)

The fronts have a white border surrounding the black and white (er, actually these are more like shades of green) photo depicted. In the bottom portion of the border, the card number site on the left-hand side. The title of the photo (generally, the place where it was taken) is centered below the picture. (Note: Check out "Old Glory!" Hawai'i and Alaska were not states yet!)

The backs of the cards repeat the card number and the title at the top, above a paragraph describing what was happening on the front. There is an italicized photo credit below the informational paragraph.

Each card measures approximately 3-1/4 X 2-1/4 inches.


Billy Kingsley said...

Whoa. I had no idea this sort of thing existed, but I'll be looking for them for myself now.

Brett Alan said...

Oldest pack in the history of the site, by more than a decade! Impressive.

--David said...

Thanks! I love finding old packs of stuff, especially if it’s something most of us have probably never heard about!