Monday, July 23, 2018

2018 Topps Big League Hobby Pack

Picked this pack up with the Allen and Ginter pack I featured earlier.  It's been awhile since Topps has released a totally new brand of cards and the reviews have been mixed.  I personally welcome the addition of a new lower end, but not lowest end, product.  From the sell sheets it looked like this product was geared more toward kids, but the price point is solidly more flagship than opening day. And since this is a new brand set lets have a look.  Overall the design is simple and reminds me of a cross between 2010 Topps and Topps Stickers.  There's not a lick of foil anywhere on the card.  I like the new Big League logo, I like the big team logo and I like the color coordinated team color borders.  Overall I like what I see.
The banks are packed full of information, but sadly only 5 years of stats.  The card number is a little small, but I do love the trivia.
Alright let's have a look at the rest of the pack.

I also thought a card company should do a full landscaped set.  Still hasn't happened, but I think it would a great looking set with the right photo selection.

That hair!

The gold parallels are one per pack and it just so happens that my gold parallel is the same as one of my base cards.

And much to my surprise is this Sean Doolittle auto.  Especially since I don't think the box guarantees any hits.


P-town Tom said...

Wow, nice pack selection. I think autos run every four or five boxes. So you definitely beat the odds there!

Bulldog said...

Great job pulling that auto. Really helps any pack look better. I like these cards but still want to get some in hand for a better look. I agree that they seem to have a "stickers" feel to them. Great pull and post.

Fuji said...

Congratulations on pulling that Doolittle autograph.