Sunday, July 19, 2009

1988 Topps Stickers

1988 Topps Sticker Cards, our pack opening for the night.

These were sold as stickers with a Superstar Card attached to the back of each one.There were 5 stickercards to a pack for $.25 with 48 cello wrapped packs to a box.The stickercards consist of 66 different players and 1 checklist card. 313 different stickers were attached to the cards,but not all cards had the same sticker. There are 3 different sticker combinations for each card.Some stickers were the same size as the cards, 2 1/8" x 3". Others were half size with two smaller stickers mounted horizontally.The smaller stickers all had individual numbers. An identical set was sold in Canada under the O-Pee-Chee brand name. An album was also available for placement of the stickers.

Cards depicting National League players had a blue background.

#22 Gary Carter

Stickers depicting National League players also had blue border lines.

#123 Lance Parrish

Americam League stickers had red border lines.

#199 Dave Sveum

#27 Rick Sutcliffe

Stars in corners indicated 1987 Championship Series player.
# 15 Tom Brunansky

# 8 Mike Schmidt

# 179 Wally Joiner

# 4 Tom Herr

" Arrow " markings in corners indicate Highlights sticker. # 12 Juan Beniquez
# 237 Oddibe McDowell

Cards depicting American League players had a red background.
# 51 Rickey Henderson
Final sticker in this pack : #126 Andy Van Slyke

And, of course, what would a pack of cards in the '80's be without a piece of bubble gum !!


--David said...

I loved collecting the stickers as a kid (that would be 80-81). By the time these came out, I was in my first year of college and baseball stickers were not on my radar (about the only that was in those days was Jack-n-Coca-Cola unfortunately).

Anonymous said...

I JUST found my old sticker albums in my parent's storage closet while visiting over the holidays. These were the best, plus they were cheap so I got a pack pretty much whenever we went somewhere that had 'em.