Thursday, July 02, 2009

2008-2009 Panini Futebol

I got this packet of stickers from Ernest of Canada recently and this is the only place I could think to post it. These appear to be the a Spanish language set. Looking through this packet of stickers reminds me how I know bugger all about soccer.

236 Evandro

All footballers only have one name. Evandro here loves playing football and apparently lives on Rio Avenue. These cards are very minimalist so I don't even know his position. He looks like a goalie to me though.

Here's the back of the sticker. Like most sticker sets, all the backs look exactly the same except for the sticker number.

233 Paiva

This guy also lives on Rio Avenue. Maybe he and Evandro are roomates?

287 Moreno

Rita's long lost nephew plays for Vitoria Guimaraes, which is a Portuguese confectionary conglomerate known for their Gummy Queen Victoria candies.

21 Belenenses

SHINY! I cheated and looked this up on Wikipedia. They're a Portuguese team based in Lisbon that last won their league cup in 1988-89.

101 Leixoes

SHINY STICKER HOT PACK! I don't know who these guys are but they apparently excel in cricket, badminton and league beachball.

19 Eder

Apparently Mr. Eder goes to Academica. Sport is good and all, but it's nice to see a sticker set promoting going to school instead. Stay in school, kids! The economy is horrible, you don't want to try to find a job in this mess! Grad School, PhD, fourth bachelors, who cares! just stay in school until they throw you out!

Well, that's the extent of my knowledge about futebol. Well that and


kevincrumbs said...

This is Panini's set released in 08/09 (obviously) for the Portuguese League. Haven't heard of any of these guys, either, but that's not surprising considering none of them play for the Big Three of Porto, Benfica or Sporting.

More info here

ernest of canada said...

killer hot pack, dayf. i've only managed to pull a couple of randomly inserted shiny team logo stickers from the few packs that i've opened. i picked these packs up from a bakery/cafe in toronto's little portugal for 90 cents a pack. i figured they were a simple alternative in light of my ud hockey boycott.