Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2006 Upper Deck First Pitch

This pack drew my attention because it was 50 cents, plain and simple. It isn't really hard to talk me out of a couple of quarters for some baseball cards I probably don't have. I have a much easier time justifying this set at an SRP of 99 cents for 5 cards than I do for something as equally as pointless as the new Icons set, which I believe is $2.99 for 4 cards.

170 - Jeremy Accardo (RC) (I get him mixed up with Jeremy Affeldt.)

1 - Chad Tracy

DS-10 - Ken Griffey Jr Diamond Stars (There's a promised insert card in each pack. This works better than StarQuest in First Edition because they made more than one insert set.)

109 - Prince Fielder (This year's Home Run Champ in 2005 form.)
187 - Jonny Gomes (Does anyone miss the old Devil Rays unis? I certainly don't.)

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RoofGod said...

I actually like the look of these cards, a little busy but at least they are a different design for UD. Another basher of Icons, I must be the only one in the blogosphere that actually kinda likes those cards, and by the way they are $1.99 for 5 cards. At least thats waht they are at retail by me.