Sunday, July 12, 2009

1996 Pacfic Pure NFL Gridiron

The junk wax was out in force at the flea market today. One of the more interesting dealers had a wide assortment of 80s-90s wax scattered about on a large table without any noticeable rhyme or reason.

All packs were 6 for $1...

That is less than 17 cents a pack...

Packs were purchased...

Packs will be posted...

1996 Pacific Pure NFL Gridiron.

This product is, well, a little strange. First of all, the cards are oversized. They're 5"x7" and they come 2 per pack. I collected pretty heavily in 1996, and I have absolutely no recollection of this set. The insert odds are phrased...well, you just need to read them for yourself:

Yes...about that. Here are the pulls (I have no idea what the checklist looks like for this set, but I'm hoping for a Randall Cunningham):

Jim Kelly. He was some good.

Wesley Walls Gridiron Gems. Ahh, I hit the daunting 27:37 odds of pulling a Gridiron Gem.

-I can't imagine that this product was flew off the shelves.
-Who the heck was/is Wesley Walls?
-I like ellipses.


Matt Runyon said...

I gotta get to one of those sometime!

Chris Harris said...

Wasn't Wesley Walls a street singer from Chicago?