Friday, July 24, 2009

1991 Topps Terminator 2 Stickers

Have I ever mentioned that I have never seen any of the "Terminator" movies that I can recall? I'm sure I have said that. Ah, well, one does not have to have seen the movie to know the characters at least in passing, right?

What I find most humorous is the font used on the card...

The conversation probably went something like this:

Designer: "Bossman, it's 1991. No one knows what Macs are, right?"
Bossman: "Of course people know what a Mac is, why?"

Designer: "Are you sure?"
Bossman: "Well, okay, most people are about to get jiggy with their Pentiums, and I think Rick still has his Amiga somewhere, but we use Macs around here, dadgummit!"

Designer: "Well, I'm thinking we can forego any cool fonts and just use the default Mac System font on these cards."
Bossman: "You mean, write goofy captions without changing the default font!? That's BRILLIANT!"

Designer: "So, can I have a raise?"
Bossman: "What do think this is, the 80's?"

Designer: "I wonder if we should make some kind of commemorative baseball card for this year?"
Bossman: "Yeah, like '40 Years of Collecting' or something. Work on that and get back to me..."

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AceWild said...

Just wached T2 again and still a kick ass movie