Friday, July 03, 2009

1996 Donruss Baseball Series 2

This set had 550 cards that were released in two series. Unfortunately, the silvery "information box" on the front of the cards doesn't scan well.
#427 Stan Belinda, #478 Randy Johnson

#496 Vince Coleman, #511 Mark McGwire

#352 Ozzie Smith, #543 Roberto Kelly

#451 Alex Ochoa, #343 Pedro Martinez

#395 Darren Daulton, #379 Ray Lankford

#517 Chris Snopek, #531 Dave Burba

Here is a comparison of the backs of the cards. Players who didn't have many years of stats had write-ups on the backs of their cards. Mr. Snopek's card has some dead space, while Mr. Smith barely has room for his stats.
This set was made during my break from collecting. Although the picture quality is nice, I have a hard time getting used to borderless cards.


night owl said...

One of the most awkwardly positioned company logos on a baseball card in history.

Twitch said...

Strong pack though.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

Hated those fronts because of the "silvery box"