Saturday, July 11, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Football Heroes Retail

As I patiently wait for Allen & Ginter '09 to hit retail stores, I've been keeping busy with this year's Football Heroes set from Upper Deck. Here's one of the many packs I've purchased this week.

#46 AJ Hawk

My only beef with the design is the border overruns the card.

#13 Drew Brees

#195 Tyson Jackson

Jackson was the Chiefs' first round pick...

#153 Josh Freeman

I went to graduate school with a guy named Josh Freeman...I never saw him throw a football but I doubt he was as good as Kansas State's Josh Freeman.

#248 Jack Ham

My favorite cards in this set are the Legends...they should really just make an "old timers" set one day.

#471 Joe Namath/Brett Favre
Artist: Ron Adair

I can't talk about this card.


Captain Canuck said...

I love these cards. I really like the football shaped cutout.

The autos however, are horrible. On card, which is great, but they failed with the blue sharpie...

Drew said...

Man, that Jets card is awesome looking!

Matt Flaten said...

Drew, it's yours. Just send me your address: