Saturday, July 18, 2009

2008-2009 Upper Deck Basketball Retail Jumbo Pack

As you can plainly see, this pack was on clearance and that is really the only reason I picked this up. I'll buy a basketball pack here and there but I've never collected a set. Maybe I should buy one more often because I was pleasantly surprised with what was waiting for me inside.

Here are the base:

#36 Dirk Nowitzki#53 Tayshaun Prince

#30 Daniel Gibson

#42 Carmelo Anthony

#161 Brad Miller

#39 Jose Barea

#166 Ron Artest

#119 Vince Carter

#126 Zach Radolph

#1 Mike Bibby

#111 Ryan Gomes

#142 Jason Smith

#155 Channing Frye

SQ-9 Kevin Durant Un-Common Starquest

#153 Steve Nash

#204 Larry Bird

I was surprised to find this little gem waiting for me at the bottom of the stack of cards. My first jersey basketball card I believe.

GA-TM Tracy McGrady Game Used Jersey

So once you strike oil you've got to try again right? On my next trip through I picked up two more discount packs and got lucky again:

GA-AS Amare Stoudemire Game Used Jersey

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Very impressive.