Saturday, July 18, 2009

2009 Topps Magic Football Retail

I was on the hunt for Allen & Ginter but the closest my box store had was the Magic. I've been casually looking for this too so I bought a sample pack and here are the results.

#71 Selvin Young

M23 Steve Slaton Magic Card

They want me to rub the card with a thank you...finding sports statistics is what the internet was invented for. The answer is 6.

#150 Mike Hart

#15 Darren McFadden

#194 Brady Quinn Mini

I like these minis because they are larger than the tobacco card dimensions.

Here is what the reverse of the cards look like:

In a way I wish this had come out before Mayo because I probably would have gone with these to collect. But I'm having trouble justifying collecting two throw back Topps football sets within a year. Beautiful card nonetheless.

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nearmint said...

Thanks for posting these. The more of them I see, the more I like them. To get the answer for the question on the Quinn card, are you supposed to rub a coin on the map?

You can see the entire original 1951 Topps Magic set here.