Monday, May 30, 2011

1991 Donruss Series 1

Somehow, no one had graced this blog with the presence of 1991 Donruss Series 1. Now it's up to me to rectify that. Perhaps this will be an ELITE pack?

57 - Jack McDowell (There was some sort of Turn Back the Clock event in 1990 which was captured on a lot of 1991 White Sox baseball cards.)

381 - Joe Oliver

376 - Donnie Hill (That's quite a 'stache you've got there, Donnie.)

372 - Luis Salazar (Yeah, right. This is how it's done.)

367 - Tim Naehring

361 - Mark Grant (Was once traded for current Cardinals bullpen coach Derek Lilliquist.)

355 - Steve Finley

53 - Rickey Henderson All-Star (Finally, a viable baseball player to talk about. Actually, Finley was pretty viable.)

21 - Dave Righetti Diamond King (I don't remember pulling this card back in the day, but I bet if I looked in my old boxes I probably have 7 of these.)

47 - Darrin Fletcher (Still sporting the classic Rated Rookie logo!)

61 - Mike Walker (Mike Walker? Who cares. Sounds like a morning drive time radio host.)

385 - Gene Nelson

380 - Glenallen Hill (He had loads of potential.)

375 - Jose Uribe

371 - Juan Gonzalez (Juan Gone tried to make a comeback with the Cardinals a couple of years ago only to quitely disappear during spring training. Makes you wonder...)

49-50-51 - Willie Stargell Puzzle (Complete with part of the pack wrapper. How lucky!)

If you are still reading this, you'll know that I did not receive any Donruss Elite inserts, numbered to 10,000. I am quite convinced that these things do not exist in real life. Somewhere, there's probably an office full of Monopoly-looking dudes rolling these things up and smoking them while swimming in piles of gold coins.


Play at the Plate said...

I think they line the cages of their mini-giraffes with them just to spite us.

night owl said...

How I hate this set.

bailorg said...

Even if this pack was loaded with nothing but Nolan Ryan cards, Diamond Kings, and those mythical "Elite" cards you speak of, I still would have shame rated this pack. 1991 Donruss sucks.

Todd Uncommon said...

When somebody says "junk wax", what immediately pops into my head is a picture of one of these pasty-ass cream colored packs.

Nice time capsule though:

Total number of cards: 15

Total number of mullets: at least 5

Total number of players of color: 5

Players of color without mullets: 5

madding said...

Someone actually rated this one "Okay".

Chris P said...

Hahahah, this is the first baseball set I ever had, my dad would buy me team sets at Wal-Mart, somehow I still managed to survive and keep collecting