Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2006 Topps Heritage

This pack was the temptress in the repack package that I picked up at a Bi-Mart store awhile back. Bi-Mart is a local chain that makes it very possible to buy a shotgun, a box of wine, a DVD player and sewing materials all in one fell swoop. I am slowly but surely trying to collect this set, along with basically every other Heritage baseball set.

446 - Clint Barmes (All of these photos seem to be set in some sort of bright dream sequence.)

416 - Roy Halladay (Halladay strikes out 16 guys in back to back complete games and has nothing but Ls to show for it. He must think he's back in Toronto again.)

374 - Garret Anderson

420 - Brian Bruney

58 - Jose Castillo Chrome Refractor 106/557 (This is another addition to my numerous amounts of Pirates semi-hit cards.)

19 - David Dellucci

204 - Oakland Athletics (I am a big fan of team cards, but I don't really think I like the borders of these for whatever reason.)

77 - Charlton Jimerson (Jimerson has the distinction of pinch-hitting for Roger Clemens in his first plate appearance and hitting a home run off the very first pitch that he saw.)

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deal said...

I was at the Jimerson game. The Homer broke up a Perfect Game that was being pitched by Cole Hamels. It is one of the more memorable regular season games I have ever been to.