Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1992 Fleer

Here's another nugget from the junk wax pile. Like the rest of the world, Fleer ditched the traditional wax pack wrappers for the 1992 and upgraded the quality of their cards as well. Oddly enough, I had a really hard time finding these packs back in the day and did not have many. I was also not really inspired by the design and didn't make much of an effort to collect it. Like Donruss and Score at the time, Fleer also rolled out an extremely impossible-to-pull autograph promotion, featuring Deputy Dirtbag Roger Clemens.

237 - Don Mattingly (Great start to the pack with one of my all-time non-Cardinal faves. I don't think many in baseball envy the situation he's in with the Dodgers right now, but it's far too early to write anyone off at this point in the season.)

613 - Mike Maddux (I wonder if he owns any of his brother's memorabilia.)

20 of 24 - Cal Ripken All-Stars (I don't think I ever pulled any of these inserts before. You can't go wrong with Cal.)

577 - Rich Gedman (Token Cardinal card of the former Red Sox pennant-winning backstop.)

378 - Frank Castillo

260 - Brook Jacoby (I had no idea Jacoby played for anyone other than Cleveland. Plus, I guess he came up with the Braves.)

639 - Darren Lewis

20 - Mike Mussina (It's Moose. This is turning out to be a pretty good pack.)

387 - Derrick May

545 - Steve Searcy (I miss the '80s 'P' logo scheme that the Phillies had because it reminds me of the Portland Beavers' run as their affiliates. Searcy looks like he's apologizing for the pitch he's about to throw.)

571 - Gary Varsho

247 - Bernie Williams (Love those crazy glasses! Bernie was a hipster long before hipsters were... whatever they are.)

606 - Greg Harris

40 - Joe Hesketh

418 - Jeff Reed (I'm not sure Reed knows what he's supposed to do with the bat in this crazy game that he's playing.)

702 - The Ignitors Super Star Specials (Super Star Specials are probably my favorite thing about classic Fleer cards, although the photos are usually pretty goofy.)

656 - Chris Cron (Chris Cron is not a real guy. He was one of the first baseball playing robots, tested out late in the 1991 season as a prototype to be used for a possible work stoppage. Why they didn't pull the trigger in 1994, I'll never know...)

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flywheels said...

Those Black All-Star cards are sharp.