Sunday, May 08, 2011

2010 Lego Minifigures

There are non-sport cards and then there are non-sport non-cards. While standing in line with my girlfriend's niece and nephew at the Lego store here in Chicago for about 1.5 hours (their credit card machines were running on dialup thanks to an internet outage), these little guys caught the girlfriend's eye. I agreed to pick one up for her if she'd let me post it here so here we have it. The wrapper shows a lovely assortment of sweet, sweet Legocity. Obviously we all wanted the alien.Each pack includes a little fold-out insert of all the ones you can get in a pack. The "chase figure" trend in modern toy collecting is reaching 1991 Donruss levels these days and has surely jumped the shark by now. I don't really keep up with that thing. I just wanted that damn alien! Wait...he's not even in this series?! Ah hell, then just give me the monkey with the banana and I'll call it even. So who did we end up with?

This guy. Well, at least he's got a helmet. It could have been worse (look at the dork next to him on the checklist there) but not much. I like that his hair and his helmet are two different accessories because he can't wear both. How cute! Coincidentally, this is about as "sports" a non-sports non-card gets!

Anyone have any chase toy experience? I've got some friends kind of into it but it doesn't seem like it's caught on as some kind of craze or anything.

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Anonymous said...

I want some of these, but there are none here in Podunkia. :(