Tuesday, May 03, 2011

1994 Score Select Baseball Series 2

Got back from out of town while piles of packs. My first pack to open is 1994 Select baseball series 2. It's another brand from Pinnacle/Score at the time with 12 cards per pack. The first card....

335 - John Doherty - the cards are vertical along with the last name. First name is on top horizontally with two pictures. Despite 14-11 record that season his ERA was at 4.44.

313 - Harold Reynolds - in an Angels uniform. 1994 was his last season in the majors.

390 - Rich Becker - rookie prospect cards are horizontal. Becker had a journeyman year.
356 - Bo Jackson - 1994 also last season for Bo Jackson playing career. Two players in Angels uniform playing their last major league games as teammates.

336 - Jody Reed - spent one season with the Brewers.

391 - Billy Taylor - talk about perseverance. Drafted in 1980 he spent 13 years in the minors before making it in 1994. He didn't play in 1995, but came back in 1996 playing til 2001.

403 - Joey Hamilton - made his debut 1994 but never lived up expectations.

238 - Bobby Bonilla - 1993 was his best year as a Met but went into decline afterwards. At least he got money coming to his way for rest of his life.

225 - Brian Harper - spent one season with the Brewers. Played two games in 95 with A's before calling it quits only return for one game in 2000 with Tacoma.

257 - Terry Steinbach - he nearly got bowled over by Jeff Cirillo.

273 - Eric Davis - 1994 was his final season before retiring for a year and returned in 1996 where he became inspiration for winning his battle against cancer.

281 - Brent Gates - final card of the pack

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