Sunday, May 15, 2011

1998 Score football

Fourth pack I bought when I was out of town. Calling themselves the rookie brand it has 10 cards and Ryan Leaf as the cover along able to see the player on the top of the pack.

204 - Darrien Gordon - not frills but effective design. Showed the team he's on bottom of the card while his name is line up in a vertical position with the last name in bold highlight. On the back it shows his stats along breakdown of his tackles, sacks, and interceptions against AFC and NFC teams while at home or away on type of grass, and the quarters. Pretty good shot of Gordon trying to catch the ball.

258 - Barry Sanders - one of greatest runners in the NFL. Not much told on what he does during offseason.

135 - Sean Dawkins - card shows he's with the Saints for 98 season while showing him playing with Colts in 97. Despite being first round pick he played for 4 teams in 9 seasons not once finished a season with 1000 receiving yards.

230 - Ricky Watters - another player with a new team but shown in uniform of his old team. One of most consistent running backs in the league with 5 Pro Bowls and 7 seasons of over 1000 rushing yards.

101 - Ricky Dudley - a big first round dud.

190 - Ken Norton - good photo of him striking the boxing stance pose.

20 - Carl Pickens - one of few highlights and threats for lowly Bengals in the 90s.

81 - LeRoy Butler - looks like he's about run one for a score.

159 - Terrell Owens - dangerous receiver even more dangerous in the locker room.

63 - Tony Gonzalez - last card of the pack with good photo shot of him catching a ball.

I didn't do to bad with this pack.

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jTmakkiCx said...

Ryan Leaf on the wrapper should always been seen as a bad omen.