Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011 Bowman Baseball (retail)

Just released and already got a pack. Let's see what's the hoopla outside of Bryce Harper.

BP24 - Tom Koehler - ranked no. 10 on Marlins top prospects list. In AAA with 4-0 record as of this moment.

BP108 - Carlos Gomez - ranked no. 10 on Braves top prospect list. In A ball with 2-4 record and ERA of 4.40.

Now on to three base cards

68 - Justin Upton

103 - Alexei Ramirez

103 - Carlos Gonzalez

TP62 - Alex Torres - Topps 100 insert card. Despite 2-3 record so far he has a low 2.21 ERA in AAA. Ranked no. 5 on Rays top prospects list.

BBR13 - Johermyn Chavez - another insert card this one titled Bowman's Brightest. Ranked no. 8 on Mariners top prospects list. Currently in AA.

Now to the chrome cards
BCP41 - Ty Morrison
BCP104 - Ben Gamel

The last card of the pack...

208 - Mark Rogers (gold) - in AAA battling arm issues

One pack and here's my beef: two insert cards per pack. I want to collect base sets in both the regular and prospect issue. How can I going to finish this set if I'm going get only two prospects base and three regular base cards. I don't mind having two chrome cards a pack, but adding two inserts is too much and unnecessary. I might as well skip collecting this year's set.


night owl said...

You beat me posting this pack by about a half hour. Guess who I pulled?

Matt Flaten said...

Please post your pack too Night Owl. I haven't found any Bowman myself so I would love to see some more ripped.