Friday, June 02, 2017

1960 Leaf Go-Go College Felt Pennant

This is a 1960 Leaf Go-Go College Felt Pennant. The wrapper is made of thin wax-coated paper and not only features the brand and type, but also some VERY 60's artwork! I had to scan both sides of the wrapper just for the art and "ideas" alone!

i mean, come on! Do you know what you can do with these!? How about sew them on your sweater? Paste it into your book or on your book jacket! You remember, right? Take a brown paper sack and fold it over a few times to make a snazzy book jacket. Okay, perhaps I am dating myself there. For the record, I was born in 1969, so I am BARELY a child of the 60's. Haha! My favorite idea, though: Mount on Hot Rod! Oh, yeah!!

As for the pennant itself, we ended up with a VERY bright green "North Dakota" pennant. The tip is bent, unfortunately. Other than that, this baby is in mint (see what I did there?) condition! Er, well, the centering of the lettering is slightly off as well... Still.. How cool is this thing!?