Friday, June 30, 2017

2017 Topps Series 1 Retail


Hope everyone is doing well and ready to celebrate 'Murica!

Tonight, MLB batters set a new mark for most home runs hit in a single month, originally set back in May of 2000.  Not to be outdone, with this post, the APTBNL writers have put up 22 posts for the month of June, the most on this here site since July of 2013!  Yes, it's not much, but it's good enough for us.

Some classic packs were put up here this past month, so let's drag everyone to the present with a retail pack of 2017 Topps Series 1!
A blaster pack was posted a few months ago, and I know Series 2 recently dropped, but I already had this scanned so here we go:

#85 - Brandon Finnegan
#74 - Brett Lawrie
#93 - Matt Joyce
#212 - Tanner Roark

Everything has been said about Series 1 already, so no need to say much more.  I also think the "border" is too big.

#143 - Nick Noonan
#Bowman-7 - Buster Posey
#222 - Cesar Hernandez
#39 - Aroldis Chapman

The Bowman Then & Now set comes 1 in 8 packs.

#125 - Yangervis Solarte
#252 - Clint Robinson
#182 - Keon Broxton
#136 - Matt Reynolds

Here are the backs...for the record, I too prefer full stats on the back:

I'm not a fan of the Twitter and Instagram (?) boxes either.  At least in the old Topps football release, the majority of players had one; I've noticed more "Topps Baseball" on cards than actual names.

Anyway, that's the pack, short and sweet.  Enjoy the weekend, and thanks for reading!

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