Saturday, June 24, 2017

1969 Fleer Official Stop Stamps

This pack comes to us from the 1969 Fleer Official Stop Stamps collection. Each pack comes with 18 stamps telling people what to STOP. There are 101 stamps in the set. The wrapper is very 60's, looking like a Good-n-Plenty box, if you know what that is (all pink, black, and white).

Some of the stamps just say STOP with no additional directive, but most feature things like "You Rat," "Stupid," and even "36-26-36." The last is a reference to the hourglass shape women were expected to have back in the day. Talk about your "locker room" talk. Yikes.

 Each pack also has a "SUMMONS" card upon which one was to place one of the stamps and hand out to someone:

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Kicky Sam said...

This reminds me of the joke parking tickets my dad used to keep in his glove box.