Saturday, June 03, 2017

2016 Topps BUNT

Why, oh why, does this exist? Don't blame me, I only ended up with this because it was in a repack box. Download the app today!

25 - Bryce Harper - Yo.

145 - Joc Pederson - This is the one with the big logos.

79 - Sonny Gray - Who needs stats?

FF-5 - Kyle Schwarber Future of the Franchise - Insert card. Just hit a grand slam off my Cardinals. Boo.

121 - Josh Reddick - Baseball.

 47 - Andrew McCutchen - ZZzzzzZzz.

131 - Salvador Perez - Sal looks queasy.

1 comment:

Bulldog said...

I like these cards for some reason. Your pull was ok though I'd probably been left wanting for more my self.