Friday, October 20, 2017

1991 Topps Football

Time warp to a pack from 26 years ago. That year Topps pack contains 15 base cards and 1 1000 yard club insert. Surprise this haven't been ripped on here yet. Let's rip
307 - Louis Lipps - same design as their baseball counterpart as well same color back with a football field design
644 - New England Patriots - Patriots hit the low point in 1990 with 1-15 record. Team card featured running back John Stephens getting stopped. Quite fitting.
542 - Kevin Greene - one of best linebackers to play with a 15 year career and few matches in WCW.
148 - Jonathan Hayes
537 - Doug Smith - another multi-time Pro Bowler
334 - Jessie Hester
228 - Al Smith
397 - Herman Moore - was Lions top WR in the mid-90s
 191 - Darrell Green - the ageless wonder who played his entire 20 year career with the Redskins.
18 (1000YC) - James Brooks - 1000 Yard Club insert featuring stats on how many yards he ran from each game of the season. He barely made the list.
610 - John Stephens - photo featured the game against Eagles which Randall Cunningham outran the Pats D nearly untouched for a TD. Oh yeah there was this Pats RB on the card.....
134 - Neil Smith - become a Pro Bowler after this breakout season. He would earn Super Bowl rings with AFC West rival Broncos
387 - Mike Merriweather
63 - Pierce Holt
138 - Rich Baldinger
550 - Bobby Humphrey - his career started out hot only to flame out quickly when he decide to hold out. By the time he ended it Broncos found his replacement.

Not a bad pack. Good to remember Patriots did suck during that time.


Fuji said...

Great photography on the Lipps and Greene cards... and congratulations on pulling the Moore rookie card. Loved watching him back in the day.

Bulldog said...

These weren't the sexiest of cards but I like them. I like James Brooks so it is always fun seeing one of his cards. Thanks for the post.

Dion's IP Autos only said...

Wait what 16 cards in a normal pack of cards?!?!?!?! oh ya I am that old to remember those days..... and was probably .50 Cent pack too.