Tuesday, October 03, 2017

2017-18 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey - Hobby Pack

Last night I opened a pack of 2017-18 Artifacts, so it's time to share the first pack!

At eight packs per box and boxes in the $90-100 price point range, you're looking at more than $10 a pack.  Each box delivers three autographed, memorabilia or Aurum cards and also four serial numbered cards.

On my personal blog in December, I posted that I was over the "card lottery."  Artifacts was the product that finally pushed me to the brink.   You can take a look at what came in my pack by clicking the link.  How would this 2017-18 pack compare?  You decide.


2017-18 Upper Deck Artifacts #38 Brandon Saad

The 2017-18 release features a design that I consider very Artifacts.  It's a similar design season to season.  Many collectors like the product, so why drastically change what works?

One of the early season releases, some players will be pictured and listed with teams they no longer play for.  Such is the case with this Brandon Saad.  He was traded back to the Blackhawks in one of the biggest offseason trades.

2017-18 Upper Deck Artifacts #38 Brandon Saad (back)
Just like the front, the backs are about what you'd expect.  Nothing to see here.

2017-18 Upper Deck Artifacts #84 Christian Dvorak
2017-18 Upper Deck Artifacts Ruby #174 Colin White
The third card was a numbered Colin White rookie.  This is the highlight of the pack. Not sure if I should have told you that, since there's one card left.

2017-18 Upper Deck Artifacts #99 Tyler Toffoli
So there you go.  Four cards in a $12-15 pack.  Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think about this pack.  Are you a hockey collector and if so, is Artifacts one of your favorite products?  Was this better than my pack from last year?

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Hackenbush said...

I'm not a card lottery guy. In terms of hockey I'd much rather spend my money on a set of UD flagship with it's great overall photography. To each his own, though.

Fuji said...

I'm on a tight budget, so I'd rather spend my $12 to $15 on an on-card autograph of a player I enjoy watching.

Billy Kingsley said...

Not a big fan of Artifacts. I don't like cards where the player is placed over some computer generated backdrop. The cards aren't nice enough for the price you pay. I'll still get some retail packs and let's be honest..if I could afford to do boxes anymore I would probably still do one, new cards rule all.

Matt said...

OK, I'll admit to not knowing this: What's an Aurum card?

Dion's IP Autos only said...

Both of those packs are B R U T A L for $3 a card OUCH! I'd rather go though a dealers table and pull out players/cards I want and spend less.........

Kin said...

The Aurum cards have digital codes on them. The goal is to get the entire set, redeem online and then you receive another card.