Friday, November 13, 2009

1982 Topps Baseball

Another old pack with no guarantee that some dirty pack searcher hasn't had their way with it. Paid $2.00 for it.

The "hits"

#30 Tom Seaver

This was the first card in the pack! Frickin' Tom great is that.

#401 Johnny Bench In Action

Plus not one but two cards of Jack Morris in home and away jerseys...

#450 Jack Morris

#556 Jack Morris All-Star

#730 Gary Carter

#91 Carney Lansford

It's not too clear on the card but Carney's wearing glasses which makes this card damn near perfect in my book.

Sticker #259 1981 World Series Game 5

This was inserted into my pack and I don't know enough about the 1982 set if this is a one per pack thing or something "special."

#92 Brad Havens
#221 Jim Slaton
#532 Toby Harrah
#420 George Hendrick
#112 Billy Sample
#257 Larry Harlow
#702 Steve Renko
#17 Darrell Evans
#13 Lamar Johnson


night owl said...

That Reuss-Yeager Dodger sticker is SWEET!

Matt Runyon said...

Very nice pack -- I would have been happy with it back in the day.

dayf said...

That pack was reverse searched... Someone opened it up, put in a bunch of awesome and resealed it. The sticker is a one per pack, by the way.