Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 Packs of 2007 HT Cards Hidden Treasures

Here are two packs of the Hidden Commons Hidden Treasures that promises "five licensed, out of production baseball cards". Normally that wouldn't be a big thing until this year's exclusive contract explosion and the resulting increase of unlicensed cards that will presumably happen next year.

Pack 1

1990 Topps Traded #8 John David Barfield

2004 Topps Traded #T7 Carlos Guillen

1990 Donruss #516 John Morris

1987 Fleer #120 Dave Winfield

1992 Score #193 Darrin Fletcher

Pack 2

Of all the cards, I'm most excited about this one. I collect Diamond Kings and looking into my collection I didn't have this one.

1990 Donruss Diamond King #13 Joe Magrane

1992 Topps #146 Al Newman

1992 Donruss #784 Dave Martinez

1989 Topps #396 Kirk Gibson

1996 Leaf #118 Joe Carter

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