Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2008 UD Icons Football Retail

I saw couple of packs of the 08 UD Icons in the budget bin at K-Mart and couldn't pass them up. With 6% PA Sales tax the cost of a 5 card pack was 52 cents. This set is relatively recent and I am surprised that there has yet to be a pack busted here on A Pack to be Named Later.

I think 2008 was the inaugural edition of UD Icons which consists of 100 base cards. In addition to the typical Auto and Relic cards there are a variety of serial numbered cards including a 150 card rookie set, a Football Legends Series and a special set dedicated to Movie Icons.

This is a retail pack and there are no odds specified on the packaging.

(click to enlarge)
#68 Jeremy Shockey
#29 Travis Henry
#62 Drew Brees
#16 Brian Urlacher

#LEG8 NFL Legends Rainbow Die-Cut Emmitt Smith (#34/150)

The final card certainly helps out this pack. The NFL Legends consists of 100 cards and the Rainbow Die Cuts are a #d parallel. It's not an Auto, but this is a pretty good pull for a retail pack. If I understand the seeding odds from the UD Press release link above, there are only 2 Legends Die-Cuts per Hobby Box - good pull from the bargain bin. I opened up one other pack of Icons and came away with 5 base cards. On a personal level neither pack had any Vikings or Eagles so that was a dissappointment. I will have the pack up over at Phungo hopefully later tonight.

For more retail of 08 Icons click here to see what Squeeze Play Cards found or for a Hobby Box Break check out Sports Card Info.

One quibble with the Emmitt Smith card:
#LEG8 NFL Legends Rainbow Die-Cut Emmitt Smith (b-side/click to enlarge)

Upper Dreck does this pretty much as a matter of course - they typically put the final year or years of a retired players statistics on the card. C'mon UD, we all know that Smith played out the string with Arizona, but he will always be remembered as a Cowboy. Do we really need to know that Emmitt averaged 2.8 yards a carry in 2003?

I am sure that there is someone out there that wants the Emmitt Smith parallel more than I do. Let me know and we can work out a deal.

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Anonymous said...

Cool find from retail. Always nice to get something nice from packs that don't cost much.