Thursday, November 19, 2009

1991 Upper Deck Football

During my recent vacation a few weeks ago I bought a box of 1991 Upper Deck Football [their first year making football cards] for $15.00. The main attraction here is the possibility of finding a Brett Favre rookie. And as luck would have it I pulled's the pack:

Football Heroes #7 of 9

#13 Brett Favre Star Rookie

His first and probably worst photo on an Upper Deck card.

Zubaz Baby! They're still for sale by the way...

#450 Team MVP Checklist

Some commons:

#301 Andre Ware
#266 John Stephens
#187 Dave Waymer
#198 John Alt
#60 Wayne Haddix
#493 Dwayne Harper
#349 Nate Odomes
#260 Drew Hill
#431 Freeman McNeil


Captain Canuck said...

sweet cards... I've almost completed the set, but now I'm on the lookout for a series two box. The one with the Joe Namath Heroes instead of the Montana ones.

Dan said...

Yeah, Favre on the Falcons! Also, I miss the Oilers logo and the Patriots old logo