Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2009 Topps Updates & Highlights Fat Pack

*dusts off the cobwebs from blogger account* Oh hi, nice to see you. :) I haven't posted anything here in far too long. Fortunately, I have something to contribute today. I posted this pack over on my blog without pictures, but I scanned some of cards, so I will post it again here with the pretty pictures.

2009 Topps Updates & Highlights fat pack (36 cards per pack)


UH203 Ben Francisco

UH234 Mike Sweeney

UH162 Chris Perez

UH52 Kyle Blanks Padres RC

UH12 Edwin Maysonet- I always think mayonnaise when I see his last name for some reason…

UH236 Kris Benson- I had no idea he was still playing.

UH123 Ryan Braun All-Star

UH235 Joe Nathan All-Star- Gotta love the random placement of the All-Star Game logo on the front, lol.

UH292 Yuniesky Betancourt

UH321 Hunter Pence All-Star

UH22 Brett Gardner

TR128 Tommy Hanson Turkey Red Braves RC

TTT72 Jacoby Ellsbury topps Town

UH326 Nate McClouth

UH328 Matt Palmer

UH267 Miguel Cairo

UH77 Jeremy Reed

UH304 Swisher & Damon Classic Combos- From the files of mildly disturbing card imagery...

UH96 Tony Gwynn (Jr.)- Really need to have the Jr. on the end of his name since he’s playing for the Padres now, especially if there’s a Papa Gwynn SP lurking anywheres. (is there?)

UH285 Ryan Franklin

(Click picture for ginormo-sized)


UH24 Gabe Gross

UH167 Julio Borbon Rangers RC

UH18 John Grabow- A Cub! Keeper.

UH39 Jake Fox- Another Cub! Keeper.

UH273 Mark Lowe

UH240 Jason Marquis All-Star

UH2 Felipe Lopez

UH266 Jonathan Broxton All-Star

UH315 Jerry Hairston Jr.- Wait, Jerry gets a Jr. and Tony Gwynn Jr. doesn’t? Wat?

UH239 George Sherrill Gold Parallel 0096/2009- Wow, you could balance stuff on the brim of his hat!

AST-7 Joe Mauer All-Star Workout Jersey Relic!!!!- Hellz yeah!

UH75 Matt Lindstrom

UH290 Jason Michaels

UH146 Juan Cruz

UH25 Orlando Hudson

(Click picture for ginormo-sized)

I bought the pack in hopes of getting one of those slick Propaganda Poster inserts (1:2 fat packs), but I didn’t get one. I think I did okay though, lol. Can’t hope for much better than Tommy Hanson AND a hit of a great player.

Bonus! Here's the Propaganda Poster I got the next day:

Also, be sure to enter my 5000 Hit Contest if you haven't done so already. It's been extended to the end of this week.

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