Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1984 Fleer Star Stickers

I won, and you win by proxy. Here's the first pack I opened from the great junk wax contest. These are stickers, sure, but they're also cards. They're like card stickers. You will like them. Or, perhaps, you won't. Anyway, I've never opened one of these before and the wrapper was so old that it had started to disintegrate. I'm excited!

89 - Alan Wiggins

1 - Dickie Thon (Thon enjoys escaping from the terrible clutches of the domed Astrodome once in awhile.)

80 - Larry McWilliams (That is quite a uni!)

67 - Lee Smith (Lee Smith was awesome, even though he was a Cub.)

71 - Jeff Reardon

57 - John Candelaria (Here's a dude that is just enjoying life.)



Fuji said...

Most people think those Pirates uniforms are hideous... but I like them. It reminds me of my childhood. Nice pack break.

Jason Presley said...
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Jason Presley said...

Nice, back-to-back you get probably the best two closers in baseball who won't make the Hall of Fame!