Friday, July 09, 2010

2006 Topps Series 1

Perhaps more surprising to me than the fact that a 2005 Topps pack had not been posted here was the realization that a 2006 Topps pack had not been posted here, either. I remember this set coming with "vintage" Topps cards from previous years, but apparently this configuration didn't include any. Maybe it was just the rack packs.

There are 12 cards in the pack. Let's guess how many of the subjects are still with the team's they're depicted with on these cards. Go ahead and write down your answer now. Someone will come around to collect all of your answers shortly. We'll review at the end of this post.

68 - Steve Kline (Current Team: N/A. Kline retired in 2008. I'm inclined to believe this card is photoshopped because his hat isn't nearly filthy enough.)

221 - Adam LaRoche (Current Team: Arizona Diamondbacks. LaRoche briefly returned to the Braves last season after 2 1/2 season with Pittsburgh.)

8 - Mike Morse (Current Team: Washington Nationals)

52 - Jaret Wright (Current Team: N/A. I can't find anything anywhere about Jaret Wright after 2007. I'll assume he's retired.)

289 - Felipe Alou (Current Team: N/A. I'm not sure what this former manager is up to these days.)

49 - Humberto Cota (Current Team: Sultanes de Monterrey - AAA)

37 - Adam Everett (Current Team: Detroit Tigers. Everett currently has an OPS of .468 this season. Wow!)

BB690 - Barry Bonds Home Run History 690 (Current Team: N/A. We all know how this story ended up.)

193 - Chris Ray (Current Team: San Francisco Giants)

325 - Paul McAnulty (Current Team: Los Angels Angels. McAnulty was just called up recently by the Angels and hit a HR in his first game. I am a big fan of Little Mac from his Portland Beavers days.)

260 - Bartolo Colon Cy Young Award (Current Team: N/A. He was last seen pitching for the White Sox last season.)

263 - Albert Pujols MVP (Current Team: St. Louis Cardinals!)

If your answer was "1", congratulations. You win!

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RoofGod said...

Everett was released by the Tigers a few weeks ago, apparently they wanted someone who could hit as well as play in the field.