Sunday, July 11, 2010

2002 MLB Showdown

I posted about the "Pennant Run" version of this set about a month back, so it's now time to show off a pack from the regular product line. I think that MLB Showdown is a fun diversion from the usual excesses of regular baseball cards, and the cards themselves usually don't look half bad, either.

208 - Mike Thurman (Expos? That sounds faintly familiar...)

315 - Craig Paquette (I feel bad for anyone who has to use the skills of Craig Paquette in an actual game, card-based or otherwise.)

199 - Luis Rivas

301 - Jeff Nelson

170 - Marquis Grissom (Grissom once stole 78 bases in a season, but only had 12 over two full seasons with the Dodgers.)

138 - Braden Looper

98 - Roberto Alomar Foil (Not that you can tell at all with the scan, but this is a foil card and presumably a tougher card to pull. Also, Alomar spit on an umpire once. That's, er, all I've got.)

S34 - Mariano Rivera Defense (As usual, there are a couple of "strategy" cards in the pack. If I knew how to play it, I could possibly explain to you what this is for.)

S26 - Brad Radke By the Book

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