Friday, July 23, 2010

2003 Fleer Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Shredder Strikes


Ah, the early 2000's when cartoons still appeared on network television Saturday mornings. What young boy didn't fill their mornings watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Fleer made a 100 card set based on the 2nd generation TMNT cartoon that appeared on Fox's FoxBox line up.

The break down of the set is as follows:

- 80 basic cards
- 20 fight scenes (1:2 packs)
- 36 puzzle cards (1:1 pack)
- 100 gold parallel cards (1:1 pack)
- 15 Stand Pp cards (1:9 packs)
- 10 Raising Shell cards (1:9 packs)
- 4 Ninja Masks cards (1:36 packs)

#84 Turtles vs. Mousers
Looks like our favorite martial arts reptiles are outnumbered!

#122 puzzle piece (front)

#122 puzzle piece (back)
Puzzle: 6
Piece: 4
Hey, at least all 9 cards would nicely fit into a 9 pocket page for a cool image

#77 Splinter
This is the gold parallel seeded 1 per pack. The angled border, name, TMNT logo and the "Shredder Strikes" in the bottom right corner are all printed in gold versus the standard silver.

#77 (back)
The backs of the card give you the television episode # the front image is taken from. It also gives a quick run down of what happened in that episode.

#64 Donatello
The turtles' resident nerd

And there you have it - a very boring pack of cards that I can't believe I paid $1.00 for!


SpastikMooss said...

I kept almost buying these at Dollar Tree solely for posting on this site - thanks for saving me!

Also, why do Dollar stores everything carry random Turtle cards from 2003?

flywheels said...

Nice to hear I'm not the only one tempted to review blah cards because I find them for cheap.

The dollar store's assortment of cards is most intriguing. My guess is whoever the distributor is had been sitting on those TMNT cards for a long time and was finally able to off load them.

(...Joe) said...

Are there any Game Used cards in this set!?!? Cuz that would be brutal!!!