Thursday, July 29, 2010

1994 Pacific

Here's another pack from the Junk Wax Giveaway. Pacific was still getting their feet wet and it shows. This design is pretty unattractive, even for junk wax standards, although I will give them credit for full bleed photos.

275 - Greg Swindell (Considering what was to come next, these Astros uniforms are a bit of a relief to see.)

299 - Hipolito Pichardo

305 - Tom Candiotti (Was this knuckleballer "The Candy Man" or was that John Candelaria?)

327 - Alex Diaz (Gold trophies on a rookie... what a novel concept.)

235 - Jack Armstrong (Armstrong lost 17 games in the Marlins first ever season.)

370 - Carl Willis

391 - John Vander Wal

400 - John Franco (I didn't realize how long the Mets went with that cursive "New York" look on their road unis, unless this is an outdated photo.)

211 - Danny Bautista

262 - Chris Donnels

285 - John Habyan (Here's a look at what the card back design looks like. It's nice to see such a huge photo, but the stats are lacking. A lot of Pacific sets, or at least the earlier ones, were bilingual.)


flywheels said...

I loved these cards personally, though I'm not sure why. I think the first time I ran across these oddly enough was on vacation @ MGM Studios in Orlando, FL. I need to track down the Braves players & Cal Ripken from this set...

John Bateman said...

Never collected these but suprisingly they don't look have bad.