Monday, July 05, 2010

1988 Sportflics

This is a pack that I picked up in a 6 for $5 bin. As you are likely aware these are the cards that have "Triple-Action" photos - or 3 pictures that can be viewed by looking at the card from different angles.

#12 Ryne Sandberg

I am not sure what order the cards came out, but this Sandberg was the pick of the pack. The two additional photos show Ryno swinging the bat.

#221 Vince Coleman - Mark McGwire - Paul Molitor
#26 Tony Fernandez
#147 of 153 Trivia Card (San Francisco Logo)
#76 of 153 Trivia Card (Detroit Logo)

This is the rest of the pack. Molitor and McGwire are both captured swinging w/ the shot of Molitor being the best. I wonder how many people would have picked Molitor has the future HoF player on this card back in 1988.

Each pack comes with 2 trivia cards - hmm - each pack has almost as many inserts as there are base cards - sounds like Topps 2010 Jumbo. The trivia question above is on the back of the Tigers Card.


(click to enlarge - and you check out that stats for Sandberg's wonderous 6 ABs as a Phil)


Sportflics is a fun somewhat gimmicky product. At 88 cents for a pack which includes A Hall of Famer plus a shared HOF card is a solid rip.

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Jason Presley said...

Sadly, that's about what packs of Sportflics cost when they came out. They were a huge ripoff, and for some reason, the hobby magazines were completely in love with them from the time they were announced in 1985 until they basically died in 1990. I don't really remember ANY of my card collector friends liking these. Given the choice of a pack of Sportflics or pretty much two packs of anything else for the same price, we all would've chosen whatever else there was (Donruss All-Stars, Garbage Pail Kids, Batman, Alf...)

madding said...

I'm a pretty big fan of Sportflics. I actually need that Coleman/McGwire/Molitor card if it's up for grabs. I never felt like Sportflics were taken seriously around here even when they were brand new, and I didn't spend much on them because it was a lot of money (see also Action Packed football) but I think they are pretty awesome nowadays.