Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1992 Comic Images The Punisher Guts and Gunpowder

I was never one for comic books. I can't really explain why. Almost everyone I know has a comic book story in their lifetime that they like to share or went through a comic book phase. Some probably still have collections of some sort. My comic book memories consist of being dragged along to comic book shows in the early '90s, scouring tables full of stuff I didn't care about in search of a rogue pack of Pro Set football, some Fleer baseball or even some Trail Blazers collectables. I'm about as ignorant as they come with this subject, so forgive me as I stumble through one of the non-sports packs I received in the junk wax giveaway.

82 - Toxic (This is a very angry man who also happens to appreciate Britney Spears.)

20 - Says Who? (Is this... Jose Canseco?)

4 - Bugged (Even in the days before TMZ, Spider-Man had a healthy fear of paparazzi.)

12 - Punisher (Profile of the main card subject.)

75 - User (Meth is a hell of a drug. Also... grenades.)

58 - Shadowmasters (Sometimes playing dress-up is fun, right?)

14 - Justice (You know that robot dance move where you dangle your arm. He's about to do that.)

36 - A Father's Loss (I suppose that this is supposed to be a tragic subject, but the pink and purple stardust background makes me wonder where My Little Pony is.)

65 - Dead Man's Hand (The back of each card comes with something called a War Journal Entry.)

8 - The Catalyst (I'm hungry all of a sudden. Who wants to make me a sandwich?)


flywheels said...

There is some GREAT art on these cards. Not really a Punisher fan myself, but I wouldn't mind opening a few packs. Thanks for sharing.

Todd Uncommon said...

I think I'm going to make "Also...grenades" my new personal catchphrase.

Seriously, though. Those early 1990s were some wacky-ass times. They made cards out of any damn thing back then.