Sunday, July 03, 2011

1996 Fleer X-Men

At Pathmark in the vending machine I decided I want to pick up a couple of packs for this site. I've personally never opened one of these packs so I said for $0.50 why not! I love how the cost of this pack hasn't gone down since 1996 :) haha

#6- Gambit

#70- Mojo (Never heard of him)

#80- Wolverine Timeline Logan (Is he being beat up by Captain America??? Oh wait the back says he saved Captain America's life twice!)

#18- Sabertooth

#94- Iceman as The Snowman (Didn't know he did that)

#57- Rzaz (Who?)

The final card is the entry card to win the World's Most Valuable Card...I wonder what the card was and who won it??? Anyone know hahaha

So there you have it. I have no clue how I did, but it was fun to check these out! 


Brad said...

Nice post, I think I had a few of these.

JDTraveler said...

Cool, I would love to see more comic book cards on this site!

Ryan Freedman said...

At one time, the T206 Wagner was worth around that amount; maybe that was the card?

bigbluekt said...

Interesting that they would put a baseball card as a prize in a X-Men set though...

flywheels said...

I love the chrome version of this set. I think I still have it somewhere buried @ home.