Thursday, July 14, 2011

Assorted New York Yankee Cards

What could be better than buying 12 Assorted New York Yankee cards in a team bag for $1.00??? Well I'm sure a lot of things, but the Pathmark Vending machine didn't have anything else I wanted, so I picked these bad boys up! Let's see what Gems I'll Uncover tonight!

AJ on the Front.

2010 Topps- AJ Burnett #432
1992 Topps- Tim Leary

1982 Topps Kmart- Elston Howard #3
1990 Fleer- Clay Parker #451

1990 Topps- Steve Sax #560
1990 Upper Deck- Greg Cadaret #549

1991 Donruss- Mike Blowers #63
1988 Topps- Joel Skinner #109

1989 Score- Jack Clark #25
1991 Topps- Jim Leyritz #202

1982 Topps- Aurelio Rodriguez #334
1987 Donruss- Mike Pagliarulo #298

So there you have it. Yankee Gems from the past haha. Was it worth the $1.00 I spent on it? Sure, it was a buck! Did I really expect anything from it? No! But what is going to be nice is I will send them out for Autographes and they will be hung on my wall if they come back. Oh and by the way: Almost all of them were damaged on the corners. Probably from the fall in the vending machine. 

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