Sunday, July 10, 2011

2006 Flair Showcase Baseball

Needed to go pick up some milk and eggs at Pathmark and I have $2.00 in my pocket. So I picked this little puppy out of the vending machine. I've opened these boxes before, so I know won't be surprised by the cards, but they were the newest packs to be put in the machine so why not!
Ok hmmmm first card out of the pack is an insert???? Maybe I'm used to them being in the middle of the newer packs, or this pack was messed up? $4.00 BV.

Jason Kubel Rookie Card #52. He's having a decent career, but a bad season. 

Skip Schumaker Rookie Card #17. He's having an ok career right now. 

Curt Schilling #50. He had a great career.

Brian Anderson Rookie Card #90. When he was young everyone said he was supposed to be pretty good, but he has proven to not be so great. He's been in the Minors for the past two seasons. 

So overall it was a very strange pack of cards. First card insert and three rookie cards. Not the best rookies, but it's a little crazy to basically get 4 'hits' out of 5 isn't a bad pack. 

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