Friday, July 08, 2011

2008 Tristar TNA Impact!

I guess we have a little Wrestling Theme going on now so I don't want to wreck that! I picked up a pack of 2008 Tristar TNA Impact at the shop. I do not watch wrestling so I have no clue at all who these people are. But here is what I pulled!

#27- Lance Hoyt and #22 Rellik (Cool mask)

Mikes Magical Moments #M5- Sporting Superstars and Muscle Ink #MI-7 Christy Hemme

#4- AJ Styles and #13 Robert Roove

#25- KIP James and #36- AJ Styles & Tomko

How'd I do? I got two inserts so that's cool. But I don't know if they all come with two. The look of the cards seem to look nice for a Tristar product. I'm guessing it's a small base set since the highest card I got was number 36. The inserts I got look kinda stupid....

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flywheels said...

Not a fan of TNA or these cards. Design looks straight out of the 90's IMO.