Sunday, July 17, 2011

1997 Marvel X-Men

1997 Marvel X-Men Pack. Comes with 5 regular cards and 3 from some game. Cost me $1.00, so since 1997, inflation caused it to go up $0.01!

50 Cards in the base set.

#18- Ms. Marvel

#9- Gambit

#30- Magneto

#25- Blob

#1- Archangel

Mini Mag- All sorts of offers in it for the card game.

Hulk, Jean Grey and a Training card for the card game. Not sure how many cards are in the set for this. 

So there you have any Marvel card product. I actually liked this one as I knew who the characters were that were on the card. Never saw these until today. I'm not surprised this card game never took off, or did it? There were competitions for it according to the Mini Mag card. 

Anyone ever collect these?


SpastikMooss said...

Whoa, I actually remember having a few of those game cards as a kid. I don't think I busted any packs of this though, so they must have snuck their way into a repack grab bag or something. Never played the game though, just had the cards.

flywheels said...

Any chance I can get that Ms. Marvel card from you?

Brad said...

These bring back a few memories from when I was a kid and into comic books and comic book trading cards - I think I still have an Over Power playing card somewhere. I'd like to have a few packs of these now.

bigbluekt said...

Colbey, have a current Yankee to send to me for her?

flywheels said...

Sure thing bigbluekt - shoot me an e-mail w/ your mailing address flywheelsATyahooDOTcom