Wednesday, July 06, 2011

2010-11 Black Diamond Hockey

Made a quick stop at the card shop, which turned into a 1 hour talking session, which lead to me buying more packs and a box of 2011 Goodwin. But I busted that there and there wasn't anything of note but a Printing Plate Mini of some young baseball player haha. So I also picked up some random packs, one being this one of 2010-11 Black Diamond. Glad I did!

5 Cards Per Pack

#65- Tomas Kaberle

#67- Mike Fisher

BAM! Nice Quad Jersey of Derek Roy! Don't know much about him (Not to into hockey) but this made  me happy!

#1- Ales Hemsky

#75- James Van Riemsdyk

#48- Antoine Vermette

Besides the fact I actually pulled a Quad Jersey card out of this pack, and trust me I am not a pack searcher as you'll see from my future and past posts, but I'm just happy I was actually able to say many of their names!!! That's one hell of an accomplishment!


madding said...

Almost as cool as a quad laser. Almost.

bigbluekt said... my quad is pretty bad then hahah

Ryan Freedman said...

I love Derek Roy; would you be interested in trading or selling that?

bigbluekt said...

Ryan do you have a BV?

Ryan Freedman said...

please excuse me, I'm relatively new to the world of collecting, as I'm just getting back into it after not doing so since my early teen's. What does BV mean? Book Value?

bigbluekt said...

Yep Book Value