Monday, July 25, 2011

2011 Topps Baseball Series 2 Blaster Pack

I went through virtually all the iterations of 2011 Series 1 retail packs you could find back when those were released. Series 2 came out a few months ago, but surprisingly no one has posted anything on this site. Maybe you've all been waiting for me to run the gamut of series 2 since I did such a smashing job the first time around. That must be it. Well, wait no longer my friends.

You'll see plenty of Joe Mauer's mug on the packaging of a retail blaster. That includes this reduced card pack. No special parallels in this go 'round. We'll save that for later.

#408 - Denard Span - I don't follow the AL closely but I think I heard this guy was having a pretty decent year. Maybe he'll make first series in 2012. And hopefully with a more exciting picture.

#582 - Kosuke Fukudome - I know that this guy is having a decent year. The problem is that he's still not worth the money we threw at him. At least he stopped the helicopter strikeout crap, so maybe another team will want him before the deadline.

#517 - Fred Lewis - Sorry Fred, don't know you, but I try to block out all things Reds. Please don't chase me with your two bats.

#568 - Kansas City Royals - Here's the back of one of the team cards. I figure you don't see too many of these on blogs, so why not. Could be better, but could be worse.

#421 - Domonic Brown - Diamond Anniversary - Now we get into insert-ville. And our first stop is on a Sparkly version of the fake sparkle SP! Uber-spark! That's like 3,000X the value of a single sparkle, right?

#BTT2 - Christy Mathewson - Before There Was Topps - 1/4th of the pack is inserts. Not a fan of that. As inserts go, these are kinda rare, but it's still another Mathewson card, which is not rare in Topps products.

#587 - J.P. Arencibia - Those of you that remember his 2010 card know why he's giving a curtain call. It was a cool shot of him in his catching gear.

#616 - Ross Ohlendorf - Look out, he's going to blow! How about them Pirates, eh? If the Cubs can't come back (and of course they can't), then I hope the Pirates when the whole thing.

Topps Attax Promo - Anybody interested in a video showing how this game is played? I can make that happen.

Alright, a very underwhelming pack to start us off, but isn't that almost always the way on a second series? Things will get better throughout this journey, I hope.


Ryan said...

By any chance, is that Mathewson available?

Community Gum said...

Hi Ryan,
Sure is. Feel free to email me at communitygum at gmail and check out my blog at to see what I may be interested in return.
If you're a Mathewson collector by chance, be sure to check out the black background pack I just posted today.