Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Retail

I went to Walmart this morning before work to pick up some stuff and low and behold over night they got rid of all their Topps Series 1 and 2 gravity displays and replaced it with this:

I had planned to get my Ginter fix at my LCS tomorrow on my day off so could I steal a little sample before then?  Of course I could.
#67 Delmon Young
I'm not really liking the design too much.  And Josh Hamilton's tattoos look like they are pixelated or something.

#200 Josh Hamilton
#66 Starlin Castro Mini [Regular Back]
This sort of insert seems really, really tired...I collected all the home state cards from a few years ago but this just seems boring.

#HH60 -- Alex Rodriguez Hometown Heroes
Wouldn't you know it...I pick one pack and hit some Rickie Weeks mojo...I must have beat the pack searchers.  Actually, at my Walmart the card display is really tiny and located right next to the cashier that gets the carton of cigarettes for customers.  It is probably one of the few Walmarts where pack searching is next to impossible.  So long story short, the packs aren't searched but there are next to no packs for sale.
#AGR-RW Rickie Weeks Bat Relic


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Liking the design better than any year besides *maybe* 2009. The Hometown Heroes look better than the previous iteration too. Congrats on the hit and the mini Starlin!