Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2011 Topps Series 2 Baseball Wal-Mart Black Background Blaster Pack

Next stop on this whirlwind tour of cards that are months upon months old (aka ancient) are the always popular black background Wal-Mart parallels.

You can't tell from looking at it, but they're in there. Let me prove it to you.

#485 - Delmon Young - The wonders of no background. See how players can hit fly balls without the need for a petty bat.

#610 - Josh Beckett - Is this guy still good? I can't tell what people think anymore. I think the answer is no.

#471 - Tim Collins - Here's a rookie that I've never heard of that will probably be nobody. Of course now that I've said that, he'll be an all-star next year and a hall of famer.

#102 - Christy Mathewson - Diamond Anniversary - Probably the best card, luckwise, from my blaster adventures. This is up for trade (along with all the black borders you see here) if you're interested in one of those SP sparkly dealies. Oh yeah, this is retro-fitted with a series 1 card number. Just wait until update with the new parallels for EVERYTHING. Totally necessary!

#DD-11 - Carl Crawford/Jacoby Ellsbury - Diamond Duos - I dislike these cards, but most people do. I believe Carl is airbrushed up the waz. Technical term.

#60YOT-67 - Richie Ashburn - 60 Years of Topps - I suppose these are more tolerable, but not by much, honestly. I've never been a big fan of reprints. I'd rather see creativity.

#362 - Doug Fister - Doug? I barely knew 'er. (Think about it. You'll get the joke eventually. Then you'll wonder why I wasted your time.)

#520 - Jorge Posada - I'm sure most Yankee haters are thinking the same thing. "I hope he's trying to catch the ball with his mouth." Actually, after some of his comments earlier in the year, some Yankee fans may be thinking that too.

Ta da! The magic of dropped backgrounds. No super awesome action shots to show how well these cards can pop, but you know already, don't you? Yeah, I thought so.


Dawgbones said...

Where do I start??

1. Very cool background/header/ the thing with the ripped Ginter pack. Nice effect (or is that affect?) for your title.
2. Did those inserts come out of your "black" packs? I freaking hate that Topps does that! You buy the Wally World blaster for the black cards, and you don't get all black cards!!
3. That Ashburn is cool, I've gotten one too. The reprints don't bother me near as bad as the original back reprints. Got to look those up on the checklist to find out where they belong :(
4. That Mathewson card is WAY cool. I think the only other card I'd rather get in a sparkle version (even though it's not a SP) is the #7 Mantle card.
5. I must say that my favorite Wally World black has got to be the Moyer from Series 1.

shoeboxlegends said...

Is Josh Beckett still good????

How about 9-3 with a 2.07 ERA, 107 strikeouts to 34 walks and a WHIP of 0.90!!!

Community Gum said...

@dawgbones - 1. The ginter pack is all Matt F's doing, but I agree it looks awesome.
2. Yeah, those inserts were in there. It is pretty frustrating, especially in already reduced packs like this.
3. I'm with you on the original backs, but the good news is they're easier to unload.
4. If I didn't already grab the Frank Thomas and Maddux off ebay, I'd say I'd rather pull them.
5. Not sure if I know that picture off hand, but series 1 had better pictures all around this year.

@shoebox - I had no idea. I thought I was hearing people were pissed at him sucking this year. I guess I shouldn't be so NL centric.