Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 Score Football


I'm surprised someone didn't beat me to posting this pack.  Maybe it's because with the uncertainty of a 2011 NFL season looming it's hard to get excited about new football cards?  While I could care less for Tony Romo being this year's poster child for Score, I was happy to see the old school Score logo being used again for something other than hockey.  Nice move Panini!  This pack came from my LCS, but I don't think there are any real differences between hobby and retail this year.

#179 Drew Brees

#123 Dallas Clark
#156 Karlos Dansby

#136 Maurice Jones-Drew

#30 Von Miller - Hot Rookies

#321 Colin McCarthy RC

#198 Brad Smith - Glossy parallel

I like this year's design so much more than last year's.  There does seem to be a bit of wasted space at the top of each card, but I can forgive Panini since they brought back the old logo.  I also heard that Panini dropped any serial numbering this year so while all the various levels of parallels exist none of will be numbered...bummer.


Pro Set Cards said...

I wonder if hockey is going to have the same design this upcoming fall.

Matt Flaten said...

Reminds me of Pro Set!

Twitch said...


Todd Uncommon said...

Design does seem unintentionally retro; not a copy of an old design, but something believably similar in tone and concept to 1990. Still deciding if that's a good thing or not.