Monday, July 18, 2011

1998 Skybox Dugout Axcess

I bought a bunch of Dugout Axcess packs recently at a card show from a guy who was more of a flea market guy (you could tell, because almost everything on his table had a thick coating of dust/dirt on it) but still had some somewhat interesting baseball stuff. You can read up on what I said about this stuff a couple of months ago if you're curious about this set.

10 of 20 DH - Kenny Lofton Double Header (Nothing is more unspectacular than the 2-per-pack insert. Specifically, your odds of receiving one of these insert cards is actually 2:1.)

17 of 20 DH - Frank Thomas Double Header (These are intended to be used as some sort of dice game, but it doesn't look very fun.)

139 - Ken Griffey Jr. Name Plates (I always thought Junior was kind of a lazy nickname for Griffey. There are a lot of Juniors out there.)

71 - Marty Cordova (Here's a regular base design.)

2 - Matt Williams (The old Diamondbacks uniforms reminded me of something out of that short-lived Senior League that actually had some legit former players.)

15 - Darryl Kile (DK is a personal favorite of mine.)

104 - Brian Rose Little Dawgs (As the back of each card tells you, "Little Dawg" is some sort of nickname that Barry Larkin uses when he's too Big Time to bother to remember your name.)

123 - Cal Ripken Jr. 7th Inning Sketch (Get it?)

52 - Cal Ripken Jr. (Back to back Ripkens. I never cared for him. I've probably offended you now.)

85 - Juan Gonzalez

64 - Bobby Higginson (Here's an example of the card back. Each one has a glowingly positive blurb about the player from a teammate or, in some cases, someone from another team. It would be amusing to see criticism on the backs of baseball cards one day.)

6 - Greg Maddux (Lots of colors on this card... and those glasses...)

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No smarmy comment about Juando? Oh well, he brought it on himself.