Sunday, April 14, 2013

1990 Donruss

Yes, you are reading that title right. I bought a repack from Target and got not only a regular pack of 90 Donruss, but a freaking rack pack of the product too. Haven't decided what to do with the rack pack, but I was pretty shocked we have never ripped open one of these here at APTBNL.

I do not remember those so orange. Anyone remember the contest? Grand prize was $10k and a trip for 4, with hotel, to the 1991 All-Star game. Frist prize: $500 and a trip for 4 to Cooperstown. 2nd was a Rawlings baseball glove. 3rd, an official 1991 All Star cap. 4th netted you a baseball and 5th was 5 packs of Donruss. Value of those 5 packs? $2.50. Ahhhhh, the good ol' days. But I am getting off tracks. 16 cards and the famous Donruss puzzle piece, with Yaz being the star this year.

Mike Bielecki, Pat Shields, Bob Kipper and Boever. The lighting on the Sheridan and the Kipper is pretty poor. Boever looks WAY too happy.


Jeff Reed, Bip Roberts, Tom Brunansky and Randy Ready. Wow.....someone wake me up.

Joey Belle, Greg Hibbard, Jamie Moyer and Bryan Harvey. A pre-Albert, a nice White Sox, a 5th year Moyer (which would make him like 42 or 43 years old on the card) and a nobody.

Rex Hudler, Mike Gallego, Steve Farr and Brad Komminsk. By the way - the font totally sucks on these cards. The names are tough to read. The Hudler is nice in that I seem to see just the blue road Expos unis on cards. The whites looked much nicer.

Here's the puzzle piece and the back for old times sake. Almost as orange as the wax. Well, that was fun. Junk wax at its finest.


Commishbob said...

Bryan Harvey had a handful of good seasons with the Angels. He led the league in saves one year. Then again any reliever not named Rivera has a decent chance of being a 'nobody'. ;-)

hiflew said...

I agree about Harvey. He was also the first "star" pitcher for the expansion Marlins. Oddly enough in 1990 I guarantee you more people thought Bryan Harvey would be a more memorable star than Jamie Moyer who seemed like he was not long for the big leagues.

Hackenbush said...

I miss seing those Expos uniforms.

Jeff said...

As an Angel fan I was all set to jump on the comments and defend Harvey. You guys beat me to it.

Rebel Coyote said...

Who knows how long Harvey would go if he didn't hurt his arm. He was one premier closers in the early 90s.

The Junior Junkie said...

That Belle is a rookie.

The only reason I bust those packs from repack boxes is for the Tom Glavine card with a picture of John Smoltz (or is it the other way around?). Anyway, I want one.

madding said...

I might still have one of those Glavine/Smoltz cards. I'll have to check.