Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2012-13 Fleer Retro hockey

Well, the final playoff series between the Blackhawks and the Red Wings (unless they meet in the Stanley Cup finals in the future) concludes tonight. Who is going on and who is going to the golf course? Let's post a pack of Fleer Retro. This is sold by the box, but for my LCS pack wars, they included packs for each participant. Which was nice, cuz I cannot afford a box of these. Upper Deck nailed it with this product, though. If you are going to honor the past, get it right. Upper Deck did.

From the get go, UD gets the pack right. I ripped myself plenty of these plain-ish wrappers. Granted, the autograph reference is not retro, but the rest of the pack is a great match. Five cards in the pack.

Old time hockey. Dig the wooden stick in Kurri's hands. I believe this is from the Fleer Flair set, but don't hold me on that. Nice look to the card with a classic uniform and NO STUPID STITCHING!

Going to show a lot of the backs here, since the base set is a mix of styles. So 90's.

Ovech Skybox Metal. The foil didn't scan well, but this is a really nice card in hand.

More 90's look. And check it out - a different back picture. Holy crap!

Jon Tavares in the Ultra I remember. It screams Nagel painting. Compare the original - it's perfect.

Even the back is a great match. Except for the duplicated rear image. The original had a different full body picture on the back. I'm deducting points, but still a fine homage to the original.

Pulled a nice Cujo. The Blues need to dump the current pieces of crap they wear and go back to these. One of the finest sweaters ever worn.

And Lars Eller rounds it out. I didn't get a hit in my pack, but I hope they crack more of these for the next pack wars - maybe I will get lucky.


Sean said...

Really nice-looking cards. I think they represent the old designs nearly nearly perfectly. The price is a pretty high on this stuff but it's a cool set

Anonymous said...

I suppose it's inevitable with the passage of time, but it's kind of interesting that the retro sets are now paying homage to the junk wax era. I suppose that's the impact of having Topps/OPC out of the picture.