Saturday, February 24, 2018

1988 Donruss Baseball - First Timer

A couple months ago I busted open some old football stickers with my daughter in my maiden post to the site. With my one-plus-year-old interested in anything we do, I decided to bust out some packs per my four-year-old's request and did a box break of 1988 Donruss. I've had four boxes stacked for over a year and decided since it was rainy outside, the perfect time to introduce my littlest to the hobby. So I chronicled it and decided to provide some family fun to the page, because without the next generation, there is no hobby.
Understanding we have already busted 88 Donruss before, I kept the cards to four-card bricks and will keep it brief.

Not too shabby if this were 1988, a couple of 'back in the day' upstarts in Todd Benzinger and Kal Daniels and some eventual HOFs in Lee Smith and Robin Yount.

But here is where the fun comes in - I bought the 88 Donruss because it has the puzzle groupings and my older daughter is obsessed with puzzles. We did a 750-piece Little Mermaid one and she actually built Ariel and some of the fishes. So a 60-piece Stan Musial should be easy enough. And a photo of my younger daughter opening her first-ever pack of cards - and inside she grabbed the first card and it happened to be one of my favorites from my youth - Shawon Dunston! It's not worth the cardboard it's printed on, but that is going in a case somewhere. Bent and all.

A little different post than usual, of late the packs have gotten more and more oddball, and that's OK. Just tossing some hobby goodness into the foray. Thanks for reading!

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